Jo-Sha Wipes : Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean
It occurred to me at my last yoga retreat that I might benefit from cleaning my mat, but I didn't want to use a cleanser containing harsh chemicals...(more... )


Speedo Splice FastSkin Jammer : A Step Up

I previously reviewed the Speedo Endurance Jammer, which is a slippery yet hearty thigh-length suit virtually impervious to the debilitating effects of chlorine—a great suit, especially for training. Though I’m not sure the Speedo Splice FastSkin Jammer can be expected to live as long a life as the Endurance, it is in all other ways a superior suit. Not a knock on the Endurance, just a testament to the Splice FastSkin

Silky speed

The weave of the Splice FastSkin’s fabric is so intricate, so dense that it feels like silk on my skin. Somehow, despite its integrity, the fabric maintains remarkable elasticity, making it a real pleasure to wear. And even a novice swimmer like me can tell that it slides right through the water—the closest to being a fish I’ve felt.

Stylin’ quick dry

Soon after getting out of the pool, I’ve noticed that the suit is already approaching dry; a few seconds in the spinner, and it truly is. Such a quick-drying fabric would do well for a run or bike right out of the pool. The suit has a good look too, with colored side panels from top to bottom. I also prefer the thigh-length Jammer style. Makes me feel less self-conscious during the walk past the cute life guard.

Bottom Line:   Super slick, high-performance thigh-length suit that feels so good you’ll want to sleep in it. (D.C. Mar 06))

Price: $72

Manufacturer's Site:

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Speedo Quantum Spliced Jammer Mens

When traveling, pack a jump rope and some rubber tubing so you'll have an instant workout kit when you arrive.

Source: American Council on Exercise

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