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Speedo Endurance Jammer Swimsuit : Coverage and Comfort

I’ve prematurely retired my share of nylon swimsuits. They give in with alarming ease to the abuses of chlorine--the fabric fading, stretching out, and even disintegrating. Unknowingly, you can soon be sporting some almost see-through spots and an un-hydrodynamic bag in the butt. And yet you persist in wearing the now slow and offensive suit because, hey, a supposedly good swimsuit isn’t cheap. With their new Endurance swimwear fabric, Speedo has crafted a swimsuit that promises a long, sleek and sightly life at a reasonable price (just a few dollars more than nylon).

I’ve been test-swimming Speedo's Endurance Jammer suit--the type that looks like bike shorts and provides full thigh coverage, with a variety of spiffy side-panel designs from which to choose. The superiority of the Endurance fabric is readily apparent. As lightweight as nylon, Endurance fabric has a dramatically stouter, substantial feel. It’s flexible enough to allow full range of movement but the heightened integrity of the fabric, and the solid construction, provide a sense of seamless support, like a sporty layer of extra skin. Speedo advertises the Endurance fabric as “highly resistant to fading, stretching and degradation” and “20 times more color resistant” as well as superior at retaining shape. While I have not used the Endurance Jammer long enough to be able to fully attest to these claims, judging from the suit itself, and it’s performance so far, I‘d bet on its continued durability. Frankly, for a frequent-use training suit, I can’t imagine why you’d want to buy anything else.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t race in the Endurance Jammer. It may not be as hydrodynamic as Speedo’s higher tech racing fabrics--Fastskin and Aquablade--but it’s certainly not a drag in the water at a fraction of the price. In fact, to the Endurance Jammer’s credit, and contrary to what you might expect, it has a helpful dislike of the medium for which it was made. It absorbs very little water, making it slippery in the pool, and emerges from the suit spinner virtually dry--another factor that should enhance longevity.

Bottom LIne: While I give the Speedo Endurance Jammer my full endorsement I add one caution: Make sure to get the proper size. I've found that Speedo swimsuits tend to run small. I’m typically a smallish 32, but I wear a 34 in Speedo. Where a nylon suit will stretch to accommodate mis-sizing, the Endurance fabric will be less compliant. But with the proper size, you'll have the right suit for the long haul.--D.C. (May '05)

Price: $40.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.speedo.com

BUY ONLINE : 88x31 REI Logo, Paragon Sports, The Finest Sports Specialty Store

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