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Smith Theory Sunglasses : Polarized Protection

Smith's interchangeable lens Theory sunglasses are pretty much perfect for all weather sports wear. Here in the Seattle area we get our share of sunny days (but keep it a secret), cloudy days, foggy days, rainy days, days with "sun breaks," you name it. With the interchangeable lens system, I've been swapping out lenses from the darkest lens for bright sunshine, to rose for sunny or lightly cloudy days, to yellow for downright cloudy days. I use the clear lenses for my bicycle commute home in the evenings when our days turn shorter and darker.

I'm sort of a dunderhead when it comes to anything mechanical, so I was glad to find the instructions for swapping out the lenses easy to follow. It gets easier after the first couple times as the frame loosens up just a bit.

I have a small head, and find it hard to find hats and glasses that fit. The Theory sunglasses are made to fit a small-to-medium head, and they fit me just great. I've been wearing them sea kayaking, bicycling, hiking, washing the car, and just about everywhere else. They wrap a bit around to the sides, which helps to minimize peripheral sun and wind exposure--I wear gas permeable (hard) contact lenses, so keeping wind and stray bits of dust out of my eyes is important.

Who knows what's going on with the ozone layer these days; I'm glad to know that these lenses also provide 100 percent UVA/B/C protection for my eyes.

A word of advice: keep a small piece of cotton cloth or a lint-free cloth handy when changing lenses to clean off any fingerprints.

Bottom Line: These interchangeable sunglasses are incredibly versatile, comfortable, and give my eyes the protection I need. --J.I. (Oct '06)

Price: $129

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