Everlite Solar Headlamp : For Night Running
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Smartwool Training Glove : A Little Wool Goes A Long Way

When I first saw Smartwool's Training Gloves I knew I'd like them. Once I wore a pair for a power walk in blustery weather, I realized I could love them.

If I'm wearing gloves that means it's too cold for bare hands so I don't want to have to take them off until I'm home. Smartwool's Training Gloves are thoughtfully designed to give me the performance I need as well as the ability to grip anything - hiking poles, handle bars, my steering wheel, doorknobs. I've tried so many gloves like these that only have grippies on the palms - seriously frustrating. Smartwool places them under every finger and on the palms. Now I don't have to take off my gloves to open doors or drive. No slipping!

The gloves are made out of a wool and nylon blend (39% wool, 45% nylon, 16% elastic) that's nice and stretchy and conforms to my hands. I have pretty long fingers and have a hard time finding gloves that fit; the Training Gloves fit like they were made for my hands. I like the snug-but-not-tight wrist band because it keeps out the chill. I also appreciate the small bit of elastic Smartwool stitches under each thumb - it helps keep the gloves from sliding around on my hands. Nice touch.

I've been wearing these gloves almost daily for power walks in temps ranging from around 45 degrees down to freezing. My hands tend to heat up pretty fast when I'm exercising, so I can wear them even when the thermometer dips below freezing (I think most people may want more of a glove at that point). On warmer days, I'm fine, too, because the gloves are very breathable. I like that I can feel the wool inside the glove and that the gloves pack down very small for easy stashing into my pockets. These gloves would also make excellent glove liners for winter sports. (See shopping link below.)

Available in unisex sizes XS-XL, in black. I tested a size M (and am usually a size L in women's gloves), and they fit perfectly.

Bottom Line: I love it when I find gear that fits well, works well, and can be used for so many activities.--E.D. (Nov '10)

BUY ONLINE : $40, click to shop.

Manufacturer's Site:  www.smartwool.com

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