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Smartwool Microweight Bikini Brief

The first thing I packed for my summer vacation in Minnesota: merino wool underpants!  Nothing beats the heat like Smartwool’s Microweight merino Bikini Brief.

I don’t like hot temperatures, and I really don’t like soggy underwear.  It might seem odd to wear wool underwear in 90+ degree heat, but it’s the only way to go for me.  Because Smartwool uses super thin merino wool that’s so good at breathing and wicking, I feel much more comfortable in my Smartwool Microweight Bikini brief than in a pair of cotton underpants. 

During my three-week vacation, which included a four-day college reunion, I withered on the hottest days but my underwear rocked.  Long after I’d run out of energy every day I never felt like my underwear was made of soup, which is a huge bonus when you’re trying to be charming and friendly with people you haven’t seen in a couple of decades. 

Merino wool is also naturally odor resistant and highly breathable, so it wasn’t a problem that I didn’t have time to run back to my lodgings to change for various events and activities. I felt comfortable and dry.  In fact, I felt like I wasn’t wearing underwear at all because I never once thought about my Bikini Brief.  It just worked the way I needed it to.

I quickly decided to ditch my cotton underwear and just wash out my Microweight Bikini brief every night. Now, I’ll never travel with cotton underwear again!

Available in several colors in sizes XS-XL.  Smartwool also makes men’s underwear.

Bottom Line: Never underestimate the benefits of merino wool.--E.D. (June 2012)

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