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Smartwool Liner Glove : Great Fit, High Function

Smartwool's Liner Glove has been a hand saver this winter!

Made out of 100% merino wool, this thin form-fitting woven glove works well as a liner (better than my bulky old fleece liners). These gloves actually help regulate my hand temperature, so I stay comfortably warm in varying conditions. That's important in cold weather.

It hasn't been too cold where I live this winter, mostly in the 25-40 degree range. So, I've been wearing my Smartwool Liner Gloves as training gloves. They do a great job of wicking, insulating, and breathing on my daily power walks; my hands don't overheat when I'm working hard or the temps are mild. That's handy; I never have to take off my gloves so I never lose them!

I like the look and low profile of these gloves. They fit well, too, with a nice wide wrist band to keep out cold.

Available in unisex sizes XS-L, in Black, Aegean, Silver Grey Heather.

Bottom LIne: A great liner or lightweight training glove for men and women who run, ski, and snowshoe.--B.M. (Dec '10)

BUY ONLINE : $18, click to shop.

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