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Smartwool Cortina Skort

For spring and summer, there’s only one thing I like better than a short skirt: a short skort!  Smartwool’s Cortina Skort is fun, versatile, and very flattering. 

Right out of the box, I liked the slim fit and the wide waistband.  It’s really wide, and it’s lined with soft, wicking merino wool.  The skirt part of the skort is very stretchy so I’ve got complete freedom of movement. The wide waistband keeps the skirt firmly in place.  I like that.

This is the type of skort I wear every day during the summer months because it’s comfortable and quick-drying so I can work around the house, go for a power walk, visit the farmer’s market, and head over to my boyfriend’s house for dinner – all without changing!

The length is ideal; not too short for my middle-age legs.  It’s short enough to be fun and sporty, but still plenty modest. There’s a small zippered pocket on the back of the skirt that I use for my keys when I’m exercising.

The inner shorts are also made out of soft, thin merino wool, and have a hidden pocket on one leg.  I love having inner shorts because I can move about freely without exposing my underwear!  I still wear underwear underneath the liner, but the skort can be worn without underwear. I found the Cortina Skort true to size (I’m a size 10 and always wear a M in Smartwool bottoms). I did notice that when I really get moving, the inner shorts don’t always cover that sweet spot where my thighs rub together.  (Smartwool is addressing this with longer inner shorts with more grip around the hems.) Still, I wear the Cortina Skort several times a week because it’s easy and it looks great on me.

Available in black or grey, sizes XS-XL

Bottom Line: An every day skort for gals on the go.--E.D. (May 2012)

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