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SIGG Water Bottle : That's Refreshing

SIGG’s all weather .6-liter water bottle is just what I look for to stay hydrated: a lightweight, durable water bottle that doesn’t leave any aftertaste. This attractive aluminum bottle is coated on the inside with a baked on enamel finish that is “taste neutral.” I’ve taken it on day hikes and cross-country skiing; my water stays chilled and doesn’t have that metallic or plastic taste that permeates so many other water bottles I’ve used over the years.

The screw top seems bulletproof—it screws on tight and stays on tight, yet it’s easy to unscrew.  I discovered one day that I had accidentally thrown my bottle in my pack upside down and was relieved to have a dry pack and hydration intact.

Bottom Line:   The Swiss know how to do things right. Check out the SIGG bottles for a quality product.--J.I. (Mar 06)

Price: $16

Manufacturer's Site: www.sigg.ch

BUY ONLINE : SIGG Water Bottle, Target_Logo 88x31, Banner 10000085



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