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Second Denim Yoga Jean

I’ve never been a fan of skin-tight jeans because I like to be able to move and sit without my pants binding—not to mention, run for my life if I have to--no matter what I’m wearing.  Now, thanks to Second Denim’s Yoga Jean, I can get a flattering body-hugging fit in a jean that allows me so much flexibility that I can actually practice yoga in it.  Cool.

The Yoga Jean is made out of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Two percent doesn’t seem like much stretch, but it’s seriously accommodating.  Better yet, when I don’t need my jeans to stretch, the fibers have a great memory and return to their pre stretched state.  That means I get a nice fit without squeezing into my jeans, I get the freedom of movement I need to stay comfortable all day long, and if I want to go for a power walk after work or drop in on a yoga class, I can actually exercise in this pant.  (And BTW, Yoga Jeans are NOT jeggings; they're jeans with a zipper and pockets.)

I admit that I was skeptical at first.  I’m all about keeping in simple when it comes to denim.  But I love these jeans.  They won me over the first time I wore them out on an hour-long power walk.  It was like wearing running tights or yoga pants…but looking like I was ready to head off for a night on the town!  The Yoga Jean is actually simple in design, which is another bonus for me.  No adornments or appliqués or fussy buttons or overdone pockets.  Just clean, well-made jeans that fit well (I think they’ll fit a variety of body types because they’re so stretchy).  I really like the thick stitching, the dark wash, and the softness of this super stretchy fabric. 

The Yoga Jean comes in a variety of washes, as well as styles, such as: high-waisted, low-rise, medium-rise, straight-leg, skinny-leg,  boot cut, wide, flare, ankle-length, etc.  I tested the low-rise, straight-leg jean, and I really like the fit and style.

The Yoga Jean has been great for travel when I want a sleeker, dressier look but also want as much comfort as possible for long flights.  On a daily basis I find myself reaching for my Yoga Jean more and more because they just feel so good to wear. 

Available for women in sizes 24-32.  I’m usually a size 10 and found a great fit in a size 29 (because they are so stretchy, you might want to go down a size).

Bottom Line: I used to be a die-hard baggy jeans gal--I was all about the boyfriend-style jeans--but the Yoga Jean is so flattering that I’m starting to change my tune. --E.D. (August 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $110, click to shop. Also available at Mudshark Street Wear and at Second's online store (Canada).

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