OR Ether Jacket : A Jacket for All Seasons
OR's Ether jacket is perfect for iffy spring days when you head off for a hike in the sun and return in a drizzle....more...

Sierra Designs DT Adventure Jacket: For Town & Country

What do I like about Sierra Designs DT Adventure jacket? Let me count the ways:

It’s versatile. I’ve been wearing this lightweight shell a lot since I got it several months ago—around town during the day and evenings, traveling to and from work, out on day hikes, in the rain, and dashing in and out of airports. Because this nylon shell is so light, I can fold it up and put it in my pack or bag when traveling, then pull it out later and not worry about wrinkles.

It’s stylish. Okay, this jacket is not out to make a major fashion statement, but I find the cut flattering, and I’m hard to flatter. It tapers in a little around the waist, then flares out just a bit over the hips, which is a nice change from so many straight cut nylon shells. (For those who like a tighter fit, there’s an elastic band around the bottom hem, so you can tighten it up to keep out chilly air.) I’ve dressed it up with a leopard-print scarf tucked around my neck and worn it out on the town, and layered it over fleece for hikes in the mountains.

It’s two-for-one. With the DT Adventure jacket, you get a jacket and a vest. If you warm up during a hike but still need a bit of wind/chill protection, you can easily zip off the sleeves. I wore this jacket on a hike up the Four-Mile Trail in Yosemite Valley on a borderline chilly November day, and simply zipped off the sleeves as I started to warm up. As the sun was sinking below the Valley walls during my descent, I zipped the sleeves back on, pulled on gloves and a hat, and stayed comfortably warm with a fleece top under this shell. The hood tucks inside the collar lining or zips on and off for a streamlined collar, which is a feature I especially like. I’ve found that in most jackets with hoods that stuff inside a lining, the collar is bulky with the hood inside and doesn’t lie smoothly around your neck.

It’s comfortable and water-repellent. Sierra Designs incorporates their Personal Environment Control™ in all of their products. The DT Adventure jacket has sealed seams to keep out the rain and moisture. A mesh-protected vent runs all the way across the back under a flap for excellent ventilation. I got caught in a rainstorm in the Sierra Nevada mountains, but with my hood up, I managed to stay dry (at least above the hips). For a touch of added comfort, the DT Adventure jacket features a soft lining around the inside of the collar. It’s also easy to care for…simply machine wash.

Bottom Line: I find myself pulling this three-season, multi-purpose jacket/vest out of my closet a lot. I look forward to wearing it throughout most of the year for work, travel, and outdoor activities.--J.I. ('05)

Price: $129.95

Manufacturer's Site: www.sierradesigns.com


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