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Sierra Designs DT 3/4 Jacket : Extra Protection

I live in Seattle, and there are certain times of the year when I'm likely to get caught in the rain halfway through a walk. That's why I wear my Sierra Designs DT 3/4 jacket. With almost full coverage, more of me stays dry so I can finish my walks in relative comfort.

This lightweight, waterproof shell is ideal for so many outdoor activities where I need more coverage than a regular length jacket provides, but don't want to wear rain pants. The DT 3/4 jacket has sealed seams, two armpit vent holes under each sleeve, and a brimmed hood. The front zipper is fairly well protected by material, with an extra coverage flap underneath the zipper. I like the two large zippered pockets on front of the jacket that have enough room for my wallet, camera, and other small items.

What I like best about this jacket is its versatility. Mine is black, so I can wear it downtown without looking like Suzy hiker and without sacrificing myself to the elements in the name of fashion. I love the raglan sleeves, which give the jacket a custom fit. (I wish all jackets and shirts had raglan sleeves.)

Bottom Line: This jacket is ideal for street or trail, and a must-have for vacations. Available in seven different colors and in men's sizes.--E.D. (June '05)

Price: $119.95

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