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Scottevest Travel Vest : Super Spy For All Who Fly

I am a gadget freak, a bad (and a last-minute) packer, and I also have serious marsupial instincts. So I love my Scottevest Travel Vest.

Available in men's and women's styles, this unique travel vest is surprisingly slim and stylish. So many travel vests are either frumpy or look like they're designed for a safari. I love wearing a nice black vest that doesn't scream, "Tourist."

I also love how many pockets and secret spaces this vest has. The two front zippered pockets are discreetly tucked under a decorative side seam -- nice. One pocket has a removable key chain ring on a stretchy cord, deep inside this pocket there's a wide elastic band and tiny inner pocket -- for a water bottle. The other pocket has a port for an iPod ear bud lanyard, as well as a small inner pocket for an iPod or camera.

The Travel Vest also has two vertical zippered pockets on the chest , again discreetly placed. Both have clear pockets underneath, accessible through the inside of the jacket, giving me the option of where I place my gadgets. Naturally, there are cord ports all over the jacket, giving me a variety of options for where I carry items and stow them when not in use. For example, the inside of the collar is soft and fleecy, but if you lift up the flaps, there are elastic loops to hold my ear buds in place, as well as the cord.

Inside the vest, there's also a pocket for my sunglasses, which includes an elasticized clip holding a small lens cleaning cloth. How very thoughtful of Scottevest. There's also a zippered pocket for my wallet, with enough room for my toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste (well, if I'm not going to need a carryon bag...). On the other side of the jacket -- a layered pocket system with three pouches. One is a very deep zippered pocket for a book. Another pocket is half the size, also zippered, and ideal for travel docs and passport. A see-through, velcro-sealed slim pocket for my I.D. sits on top of the two zippered pockets.

Okay, I'm almost done. For your treasure map and other super secret papers, there's a hidden zippered pocket on the back of the vest large enough for full-size 8 1/2 x 11 papers.

Now, there may be more pockets or hooks or snaps that I haven't found or used yet -- but if there are then I'll just have to be surprised later. (The men's vest has 22 pockets; the women's vest has 21.) Scottevest does a great job of placing these pockets in such a way that I can carry quite a few things (in lieu of a carry-on bag) without looking all puffy.

I like the slim cut on the vest, and the side vents at the hips. It 5'11", I was sure this vest, like so many women's tops, would be too short for me but it's a pretty good fit. I like the soft black cotton/nylon blend material, and I really like that the armholes aren't too big. Another bonus - going through security is easy: I take off my shoes, I put my vest in a basket, I put my computer bag on the conveyor belt, that's it.

Since most of my gadgets it in my computer bag, I also like to use the large inside pockets to carry my prescription medication and travel size bottles. That way, if the airline loses my luggage, I have all of my essentials on me.

One final cool thing about this vest -- with so many stealth and sealed pockets, I'm safe from pickpockets. Even if I got mugged, my mugger wouldn't never know to ask me to empty the 15-18 pockets he doesn't know about. Ha!!

Available in red, black, khaki, men's and women's sizes.

Available in a variety of colors. Made in the USA.

Bottom Line: Practical, functional, and actually looks good on me. Goodbye carry-on bags, purses, etc.--E .D. (Aug 09)

Price : $100.00, Magellan's Web Specials

Manufacturer's Site :

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