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Royal Robbins Travelite Jacket : A Smarter Jacket

For those times I don't want to look like a hiker, but I still want rain protection, I take my Travelite jacket. It's cut shorter than a rain poncho, with an extra inch or two added to the length of the back panel, fitting more like a windbreaker or jeans jacket. Perfect for walking around town, a drizzly boat ride, or a stroll in the woods.

It's straightforward design (unmarred by logos) can be deceiving: it's loaded with features you'd find on a larger, more expensive rain jacket. The shell is coated nylon, with sealed seams, and inside--a mesh liner with two generous pockets (one zippered, the other sealed with velcro).

What I like most about this jacket are the small touches that make it stand out as a well-made, attractive jacket that's totally functional. The hood folds neatly into a velcro sealed panel on the back of the collar (the collar's wide enough to provide excellent neck coverage when fully zipped), and all of the zippered enclosures (two side pockets and a large well-hidden back pocket into which the jacket folds for packing) are covered under generous flaps of material. The front zipper is covered by velcro sealed flaps of material, too. Royal Robbins even adds a fold along the inner flap to catch any stray drops. I've never seen a jacket with that much detail! Snaps at the top and bottom of the zipper provide another way to close the front of the jacket.

Two other tiny details I love: The plastic toggle that adjusts the elastic around the bottom of the jacket is attached to the inside of the jacket by a small loop of fabric--so even if your elastic breaks, you'll never lose your toggle! My favorite feature of all--a secret zippered pocket located under the flaps covering the front zipper. I didn't even find this pocket until I'd been wearing the jacket for a few weeks. It's perfect for your passport, your diamond stash, or other small valuables.

Bottom LIne: The more I wear this jacket, the more I appreciate it. It's comfortable, it's got plenty of pockets, and it folds into it's own zippered carrying pouch (perfect as a pillow on long plane rides). For people who want a longer coat, Royal Robbins makes a Travelite in a longer style, too. Available in black, white, blue.--E.D. (Aug '04)

Price: $99.95

Manufacturer's Site: www.royalrobbins.com


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