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Rivet Stereo Earphones : A Necklace of Sound

I'm not one of those people who loses or breaks my toys. My iPod ear buds work as well now as the day I got them. However, sometimes, it's good to have an extra pair so you can share your music. Like when you're on a long flight, with only one iPod between you and ____.

I like the Rivet Stereo Earphones because the cord is also a laynard. I can adjust it to any length I want, and if I take out my ear pieces so that I can order a beverage from the flight attendant, I don't lose my them. The earphone come with three different rubbery ear plugs that you can use to get a custom fit.

The sound is ok, too. Basically, what I'd expect from a headset in this price range. Laynards are available in a variety of colors, including hot pink.

Bottom Line: Sounds good to me.--E. D. (August 07)

Price: $24

BUY ONLINE : Rivet Stereo Earphones - Black

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