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Rickshaw Commuter Backpack

I’m more than a little obsessed with keeping my laptop safe and free from scratches, so I have several sleeves and cases I like to use with my various laptop bags and packs. Rickshaw’s slim Laptop Sleeve is both stylish and simple, a perfect combo for me.

I love the clean design of the envelope-styled Laptop Sleeve; it’s also easy to use.  All I do is insert my laptop and “seal” the envelope by pressing the flap against the top of the sleeve (so the fuzzy and grippy sides of the Velcro-like material come together).  No zippers to mess with! The sleeve fits my MacBook Pro 13” perfectly.  Rickshaw makes the sleeve in four sizes, and they make sleeves that fit both an iPad and an iPad in a case.  Lovely.

The Laptop Sleeve I tested is covered in Rickshaw’s Performance Tweed™, an attractive, tweed-patterned material made out of 100% recycled polyester that’s treated to be stain-resistant.  I really like the tweed patterned fabric.  It feels and looks like wool; it’s kinda classy, too.  It’s definitely a grown-up sleeve but attractive enough to avoid being stuffy. It's a nice change from so many of the other sleeves and cases I have that can be too boxy or too sporty.

The padding isn’t very thick, which I like because I most often use this particular sleeve when I’m carrying a computer backpack with a laptop compartment designed for a 15" computer; with the sleeve, my laptop fits more snugly into the compartment.  I also like to use the Laptop Sleeve when I’m using my super slim profile computer backpack and need a layer of padding around my laptop. 

Rickshaw assembles their sleeves and bags by hand in San Francisco.  The Laptop Sleeve is available in several tweed patterned colors and in a variety of solid colors. Click here to read review of Rickshaw's Commuter Backpack.

Bottom Line: A slim, simple sleeve that's just a bit more refined than the rest.—E.D. (Sept 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $50.00, click to shop.


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