StingEze Insect Bite Relief : First Aid for Bug Bites
While visiting the jungles of Belize, a few pesky mosquitoes managed to find a couple choice spots on my legs... more...

Repel 100 Insect Repellent : Say Goodbye to Bugs

The jungles of western Belize are full of an amazing array of plants, wildlife, and insects. Malaria is a concern for travelers. Since I didn’t have time to visit a travel clinic for an anti-malarial drug prescription before I left for vacation, and with the threat of malaria in the back of my mind, I brought along Repel 100 insect repellent.

This almost 100% DEET formula comes in a convenient one-ounce travel-size bottle. Since it fit easily into my pocket, I took it along with me every time I left my lodgings. I really appreciated the pump spray bottle, which was simple to apply and allowed me to keep my hands dry.

Fellow travelers I met in Belize complained of lots of nasty bug bites, but I was happy to report that I only got a couple of bites on the top of my leg where I had neglected to spray. I didn't make that mistake twice.

After several days in the jungle, my group headed to Caye Caulker off the coast of Belize, a favorite destination for pesky, biting sand flies when the winds die down. (Sand fly bites are much worse than mosquito bites and leave itchy, painful purple welts on your skin.) Luckily the wind kept the bugs at bay most of the time, but when it quieted down, the bugs came on pretty strong. I was well-prepared with my Repel 100 (and I took a bit more time to apply it); I didn’t get a single bite.

Bottom Line: Effective and easy to apply. Repel 100 kept the bugs away.--J. I. (July ‘05)

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