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Princeton Tec Shockwave LED : Let There Be Light

My dive buddies were impressed when I showed up with my Princeton Tec Shockwave LED. With its three Maxlight 3-watt LEDS, it's got plenty of power, plenty of beam. And a 20-hour burn time.

Being underwater at night is a truly unique experience; the colors are amazing. The blue-ish cast created by the LEDS helps the reds and purple tones appear more bright, which is a big plus.

The Shockwave light illuminates such a wide area; it's ideal for low visibility situations or extremely deep dives when you really need the added power. It has two settings, high and low, which both seemed pretty strong. An additional setting, a "lower" low, would be nice for other types of dives. The multiple beams-wide and narrow-are great for close-up and long light (up to 128m).

Bottom Line: An added bonus, the LEDS never need to replaced, and they require less power than other types of lights. Plus, the Shockwave has built-in technology to prevent overheating during long periods of use.--H.P. (Jan 06)

Price: $129.99 (on sale for $119.99 at Amazon.com)

Manufacturer's Site: www.princetontec.com

BUY ONLINE : , Princeton Tec Shockwave LED

The first flashlight was invented in 1898. Joshua Lionel Cohen, original owner of the Eveready company developed the concept of using a battery to run a light bulb, which he shared with an Eveready salesman, Conrad Hubert. Hubert then turned the idea into a flashlight.

Source: "Invention of the Flashlight," by Mary Bellis, posted on inventors.about.com.