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ProDesign Eyewear : Super Scandanavian Style

I wanted new glasses, but I knew it would be hard to top the pair I already had. I looked everywhere, but never found the fit or the sturdy but sophisticated titanium frames I wanted. Then I realized I was trying too hard. Why not stick with the brand I already had and choose a new model?

So here I sit in my new purple titanium ProDesign frames (model 1360, color 3021), even happier than when I got my black acetate ProDesign frames three years ago. I still love (and receive lots of compliments on) my old frames, but to find love twice -- now that's something to feel really good about.

I rarely get new glasses, waiting five of six years between pairs because it's so hard to find frames that work for me. First of all, they have to fit perfectly the first time I try them on. No adjustments, no tinkering. They have to be snug enough off the display case that I can shake my head in all directions and they don't move. I may frighten eyewear store owners, but it's essential testing. My new ProDesign frames passed that test with flying colors. And I've had no adjustment period. Straight from the store, they fit perfectly. No pinching, no sores spots, no slipping down my nose. Just pure comfort.

My next concern is how the frames look on my face. Can I be serious in them? Can I be a temptress librarian? Can I be a business woman? Do I still look cute? Do my glasses show off my highlights? Can I be street? Can I be Zen? Can I run for my life? Can I not take the best care of them and still have them hold their shape? I need glasses that let me express the many me's I need to be.

At the same time I want glasses that are a more unique that all the other frames I see. I want subtle style, superior quality (of course), and the boldness to say to the world, "yes, I'm wearing purple glasses -- don't you wish you had a pair?" The answer has been a resounding, "yes, I do. What brand are those?" My ProDesign's are funky enough to make me feel like I'm fashionable, but by no means are they loud or brazen. They're classy and cool and so fun to wear.

I love the lightweight titanium frames. They're so sturdy and comfortable (I can't stand those flimsy frames so many people wear). The nose pads hit in the exact places, the plastic encased ends of the temples feel comfortable behind my ear, and the elegant design is simple and still eye catching. I love it when people notice my glasses and ask about them. I think I've sold at least a dozen strangers on the brand just this week.

ProDesign makes a variety of titanium frames in different sizes and shapes, for men and women. The rich colors are incredible; the matte finish gives them an enticing elegance. ProDesign also makes plastic, metal, and acetate frames.

Bottom Line: Grown-up glasses for people who still want to have fun with their frames.--E.D. (April 09)

Price : check prodesign site for dealers

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