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Princeton Tec Scout Light : Let There be Light

When I go out for an afternoon of hiking and exploring, I don't like carrying a lot of gear. That's why Princeton Tec's Scout headlamp is ideal for me. It's compact, light as a feather, and fits easily into a pocket. I carried it with me every time I set off into the woods, and was happy to have the chance to use it on several occasions when my hiking led me to caves.

Small But Mighty

The Scout may be small, but it burns bright. It's a versatile light, too; you can wear it as a headlamp, clipped to the brim of a baseball hat, or clipped to a belt or waistband.

I liked that I could swivel the base up or down to direct light where I wanted it to go. The waterproof Scout has three output modes and two emergency signal modes. Because I was traveling alone, I liked the fact that the light could also function as an emergency beacon.

Other Uses

The Scout also came in handy when I was lost and needed light to read my road map.

Bottom Line: A good flashlight is something you often forget to pack (or don't pack because it's too heavy), but always seem to need when traveling. I loved having my super light, super bright Scout with me.--E. D. (June '04)

Price: $20.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.princetontec.com

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The first flashlight was invented in 1898. Joshua Lionel Cohen, original owner of the Eveready company developed the concept of using a battery to run a light bulb, which he shared with an Eveready salesman, Conrad Hubert. Hubert then turned the idea into a flashlight.

Source: "Invention of the Flashlight," by Mary Bellis, posted on inventors.about.com.