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Princeton Tec EOS light: Night Light

The first time I wore my EOS light was during an evening hike through the woods. My friends wanted to walk by the moonlight, but in the trees, it was almost impossible to walk as fast as I wanted to walk (must get that heart rate up) and not trip over tree roots or rocks. So, I walked ahead, leading the way with my powerful headlamp beam. I was surprised at how bright, deep, and wide the beam was; I could see clearly up to 20 feet or more in front of me.

Bright Light

Princeton Tec designed this powerful one watt L.E.D. light with a collimator lens system that maximizes the beam by reflecting light. I like that I can focus the light depending on my needs. In close quarters, I can reduce the brightness (the light has 3 levels) and an emergency "blinking" mode. Since the light is fully adjustable, I just set the beam where I want, and walk. No looking down or trying to keep my head still; the beam stays in place throughout my walk.

The light runs on three tiny AAA batteries, so it's compact for packing, and during use there are no wires to deal with. It's also waterproof up to one meter, so it's ideal for rainy and snowy conditions.

Bottom Line: This is a handy light that's simple to use (switching between modes is easy), has a long burn time (6.5 to 60 hours), and provides a true white beam. Perfect for all types of outdoor activities. E. D.

Price: $38.99

Manufacturer's Site: www.princetontec.com

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The first flashlight was invented in 1898. Joshua Lionel Cohen, original owner of the Eveready company developed the concept of using a battery to run a light bulb, which he shared with an Eveready salesman, Conrad Hubert. Hubert then turned the idea into a flashlight.

Source: "Invention of the Flashlight," by Mary Bellis, posted on inventors.about.com.