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Prana Crissy Knicker : Stay Dry, Stay Put Active Wear

The Prana Crissy Knicker performs well and looks great. In fact, it's one of the most attractive exercise pants I've tested in a long time. I've been wearing it for flow yoga, gym workouts, and climbing sessions.

The Prana Crissy Knicker has an athletic fit and feel, thanks to Prana’s Chakara fabric, a Lycra-nylon blend that's lightweight, form-fitting, and highly breathable. I first wore the Crissy Knicker to a Bikram-like hot yoga class, and I was incredibly impressed with how well they held up in such a hot and humid environment. While my top was pretty well soaked through by the end of class, my Crissy Knickers were just mildly damp, so I could stick tree pose without my foot sliding off my leg.

The Crissy Knicker also stayed put for the entire class, (unlike many of my other yoga bottoms that tend to shift during activity). The elastic waistline is more than an inch wide, and it's augmented by a few elastic bands over the hips that form faux-pockets. This design works well to keep the Prana Crissy Knicker securely in place. I also liked the flattening effect of the waist and hip bands. While doing a few laps at the local climbing gym, the Crissy Knicker felt slimming, prevented bunching and sliding under my harness, and was just the right length for protecting my knees from scratches.

The Prana Crissy Knicker has a gusseted inseam and a good amount of supportive stretch. It really shined for me during high-output, high-mobility activities like Ashtanga yoga and Crossfit.

The Prana Crissy Knicker is available for Women in Charcoal Heather, Deep Blue, and Black in sizes XS-XL. (The Charcoal Heather and Deep Blue are accented with a colorful waistband that coordinates with the Prana Crissy Bra Top and Tank if you like to match.) It fit me true to size.

Bottom Line: The Prana Crissy Knicker is a sporty little number that lays flat, breathes beautifully, and moves freely.  —L.S. (Feb ‘12)

BUY ONLINE : $65, click to shop at Backcountry.

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