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Polarmax® All Year Gear™365 Tech Silk Top

Even though I love merino wool and cotton, I like to keep an open mind about technical fabrics. Lately, I’ve been exercising in the Polarmax® All Year Gear™365 Tech Silk Top, and have been happy with how well it performs.

The All Year Gear™365 Tech Silk Top, which is available in men’s (SS Crew) and women’s styles (SS Scoop), is nice and light, and it breathes well. It also dries quickly, so if I want to stop at the farmer’s market on my way home from my power walk, I don’t get cold and clammy while I’m inspecting  the organic carrots and kale. 

I tested the All Year Gear™365 Women’s SS Scoop, and really liked the fit (plenty of room but not baggy) and the flat non-chafing seams. The scoop neck style and cap sleeves are very flattering and a nice change from the higher-neckline men’s crew tops that I often wear because I’m tall and can’t always find women’s tops that are long enough for me.  The All Year Gear™365 Women’s SS Scoop is a bit longer than the average women’s workout top, and that works well for me.

I normally don’t care about anti-odor and anti-microbial features in a top since I usually wear merino wool, which is naturally stink resistant, but I have to admit that it’s nice to be able to wear the All Year Gear™365 Women’s SS Scoop top a few times a week before washing it. Who has time to do laundry, and who wants dozens of tops. I like keeping it simple.

Finally, I like the mesh-like fabric. It’s opaque when I look at the top in the mirror but up close I can see through the mesh pattern. No wonder it breathes and dries so well! (Depending on which color you choose, the women’s top has a printed design on the left hem or left shoulder.)

Materials: 100% polyester, made in U.S.A.
Colors:  W’s black, white, light blue, orange. M’s: black, light blue, grey, navy.
Sizes: W’s XS-XL, M’s S-XXL

Bottom Line: A lightweight, high performing technical top for exercising that’s a real bargain compared to its competitors.—E.D. (June 2012)

BUY ONLINE : $24.99-29.99, on sale for less at Amazon.

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