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Point 6 Running Ultra Light Micro Socks : A Treat For Your Feet

Until now, I’ve often overlooked socks as a vital part of my running gear, focusing instead on new running shoes, sports bras, or hi-tech wind shirts. So I’ve enjoyed testing the Ultra Light Micro Socks by point6; these thin merino-blend socks really make a difference.

The point6 Running Ultra Light Micro Socks quietly did their job every time I took them out for an adventure. In May, I wore them traveling around Costa Rica inside my trail runners while hiking in the jungle (I couldn’t bear to run because of the humidity and heat). My clothes were damp with sweat after each outing, but the point6 socks kept my feet comfortable and relatively dry.  In fact, these socks were one of the few articles of clothing that I could wear more than once, which is just what I need for travel.

Back in Montana, I’ve had a chance to try them out on longer trail runs in a pair of new trail running shoes. The variable-surfaced trails and roads have been a great testing ground, and I’ve come home from each run with happy feet: no wayward sock shifting the below-the-ankle style. That means no blisters, either. These socks fit well around my feet, and I’ve found that I haven’t missed the cushioning and bulk of thicker athletic socks. I’ve actually preferred the added breathability and performance of the low-profile point6 running socks. They have a simple, clean look with a well-designed weave pattern; there’s mesh in the right places, smooth seams, and a snug fit through the arch. The merino-spandex-nylon blend is super soft, even for such a thin sock.

The point6 Running Ultra Light Micro Socks are available for men in sizes S-XL and women in sizes S-L, in Gray, Natural, Red, Silver/Pink (women only), and Silver/Lime.

Bottom Line: If you spend a lot of time in running shoes, treat yourself to these high-performance merino socks.  —L.B. (May ‘11)

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