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Patagonia R1 Granular Jacket : Super Fleece

There's fleece, and then there's super fleece. For comfort, nothing beats a soft fleece jacket. But when I need to move, a regular boxy fleece just won't do. I need Patagonia's R1 Granular Jacket.

Made out of special "lofted hollow-core fibers" this jacket was developed by Patagonia with help from Polartec. Designed to be worn as an insulating layer, the R1 is a few inches longer than waist-length to keep me covered during movement. I really appreciate this because I'm tall, and too often, my belly gets cold wearing jackets that end just where my pants begin.

I also love the contoured fit, which makes it an ideal jacket for active pursuits and for using as an insulating layer under a rain shell. It's a shame I'm not out ice climbing in it, but for now, I'm settling for hiking and power walking in cold, rainy weather. Thanks to it's wind- and rain-resistant finish, I can go for miles in a drizzle, and come home dry. It's also highly breathable, which is especially important when I wear it under a shell.

Other features that make this an excellent choice for a fall/winter jacket: the set-in sleeve style, which allows total freedom of movement (no binding seams at the shoulder) and an elegant fit, tapered sleeves, and a collar that, when zipped up, hugs my neck and keeps it warm. There's also a small zippered pocket on the upper left sleeve for a cell phone or other small items, as well as a generous zippered pocket on each side of the jacket.

I love wearing this jacket. It's so sleek and urban, yet totally made for rugged outdoor activities. And thanks to Patagonia for the very low profile logo (just grey stitching near the bottom front hem of the jacket) -- now I can wear it around town and look like a spy, not a mountain beast.

Bottom LIne: Out with the old fleece, in with the new. This jacket is a must have staple for any outdoor adventurer (or urban spy.) Available in men's and women's styles and in three colors, black, blue, and gray.

Price: $198

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