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Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 Purse

I recently had the opportunity to travel with the new Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 Purse, and it was an excellent travel companion.

The Slingsafe 200 Purse is an attractive, medium-sized bag that easily holds my glasses, camera, wallet, and cell phone. It even has a special rubber headphone port so I can keep my iPod safely stashed and still listen to my music.

On the insde of the Slingsafe 200 Purse there’s a handy ring I can attach my keys to and a separate zippered compartment for small items, such as my lip balm, a pen, and a tiny flashliglht, that I want to acess easily. This main compartment zips closed for security.

There's another zippered pocket on the front of the Slingsafe 200 Purse that I use for my wallet, makeup, and passport. The bag's front flap covers this pocket when closed, and I can secure it in place with an elastic hook and loop closure. On the back of the bag there's a deep, flat Velcro-sealed pocket that's great for stashing travel maps, brochures, a note pad, and even an iPad or similar-sized tablet. The Slingsafe 200 Purse also has a small nylon handle on the back of the bag that makes it easy to grab when I'm in a hurry and easy to hang up when I'm in a restrroom or the locker room at the gym so I can keep my bag off of the floor.

This Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 Purse is different from most purses. It has a unique safety system that contains a complex anti-theft cable system, called "eXomesh" thats embedded in the material and runs throughout the purse’s compartments. The eXomesh system is designed to make the purse "slashproof." Since I travel a lot I like knowing my valuables are secure.

A few months ago I took the Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 Purse with me on a trip to Budapest. I was able to pack everything I needed for full-day excursions so that I could leave my larger daypack back in my hotel room. When I was in crowds I felt less worried about pickpockets and slash-and-grab theives knowing that my passport and wallet were tucked into eXomesh-reinforced pockets! Even the shoulder strap contains a slashproof cable.


Size: 11 x 11.5 x 1 in (available in three sizes)

Colors: Taupe, Black, Deep Chocolate

Fabric: Nylon twill, high-tensile stainless steel wire.

Bottom Line: The Pacsafe Slingsafe 200 Purse makes a good traveling security system whether touring abroad or just making a run to the corner coffee shop. --C.W. (Dec. 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $47.49, at


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