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OR Sun Runner Cap : Keep Your Lid On

I come from fair-skinned northern folks, and now that my sun-worshipping teen years are well behind me, I actually pay attention to taking care of my quick-burning skin.

I like to wear a baseball type hat with a brim for most of my outdoor activities.  It keeps the sun out of my light-sensitive eyes - critical even with sunglasses - and it keeps the sun's burning rays off my face.  Wearing my OR Sun Runner cap is also a great way for me to keep sunscreen out of my eyes; with its protective brim, I don't need to apply sunscreen to my forehead only to have it run into my eyes once I start sweating.

What makes the Sun Runner cap superior to the baseball hats I've been wearing is its light weight, its mesh side panels, and its UPF 30 protective material. So I get everything I need in my favorite type of hat, with improved sun protection and breathability. This hat weighs next to nothing and folds down to fit compactly in the top pocket of my backpack. 

As for wear and tear.....the brim is holding up well to the packing abuse I've put it through, remaining stiff and maintaining its shape after repeatedly being shoved into small spaces.  Durability is an important features to me because it’s the curve of the brim that’s critical for both sun control and temperature control.  

One of the best features of the Sun Runner is its sun skirt, a detachable piece of fabric that hangs from the back of the hat, covering my neck. Ok, so I don't feel so "cool" wearing it. It’s not quite my Pops at the beach with a towel hanging off his head, but it does make me feel rather, well, dorky.  However, it’s a small price to pay for protection I need (like everyone else, I often forget that my neck can get sunburned while hiking, running, walking along the beach).

On a recent backpack trip in the Goat Rocks Wilderness the sun skirt saved my neck from the harsh rays as we spent the day scouting a route up Mt. Gilbert.  The skirt fits easily over the hat, and attaches to the brim with two snaps and staying in place in the back with an elasticized band.  The skirt hangs loosely around the back and sides of the neck allowing for ample air movement.  If it gets breezy, I can use the chin strap to keep the skirt in place.

Bottom LIne: All in all, the Sun Runner gives me a compact, light, and versatile means to protect my fair skin.--S.M. (Oct '05)

Price: $26

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