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Outdoor Research Prophet Glove

My hands are always cold. Even when it's 80 degrees outside, my hands are cold. The weird thing is, when it's actually cold out, like in the 30s and 40s, my hands heat right up in a pair of gloves.

The farther I hike, the faster I walk, the harder I work, my hands become so warm that I have to remove my gloves and carry them in my hands like little fabric hand weights. But within a few minutes, my hands get cold, and I need the gloves again. Then off again. Then on again, and so on.

So I was really happy to find Outdoor Research's Prophet gloves. When my hands heat up and start sweating, the gloves GoreTex lining wicks away the moisture. I can keep the gloves on throughout my activities in perfect comfort -- not too warm and never cold. For thin, lightweight gloves, they have some hard-working insulation.

I like the feel of the leather wraparound palm; a no side-seams style that provides a great fit. The glove has around-the-wrist elastic and an adjustable cuff. When I wear bulky jackets, and I can cinch the cuff tighter to fit inside the sleeve, and with active wear, I can loosen the cuff so that I can tuck in my sleeves. Either way, the weather stays out.

Thanks to the waterproof materials, the Prophet gloves have kept my hands completely dry during many rainy outings.

Available in men's and women's styles.

Bottom Line: Rain or snow, the Prophet glove is ideal for all sorts of winter activities.--E.D. (Feb 08)

Price: $89 ($54 on sale at

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