OR Verglas Mitts : Mountain Tough
These mitts are made to withstand the cruelist weater. Our tester Sandy wore them when she climbed Mt. Raineer. Click for more gloves.... more...

OR Gripper Gloves : Get a Grip

After years of wearing wool gloves that got rubbed raw after just a few long days of skiing, that were about as effective as a sieve against the wind, and that always seemed to stretch out and leave me with a flop of wool dangling from my pinky, I've been thrilled to experience a truly functional mid-weight glove.

OR's Gripper gloves keep my hands warm in the mid-range winter temperatures we typically experience here in the Northwest. Even better, they don't overcook my hands when I've moving on my skis. The core fleece material is soft and comfy, while the windstopper material keeps the bite out when it’s blowing. The rubberized layer at the palms, thumb and first two digits provides durability as well as an effective gripping surface for my ski poles or ice axe.

The fleece has a slight stretch for a good, snug fit. Tapered cuffs helps keep out wind and snow, while keeping in warmth. Best of all, no more dangling digits.

Bottom Line: Maybe it’s the fact that the Gripper comes in women's sizes, or maybe it’s the fact that they’re simply well made, but they sure do fit me like – you guessed it – a glove.--S.M. (Nov '05)

Price: $45 Gripper, $70 Verglass Mitss

Manufacturer's Site: www.orgear.com


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