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OR Aspect Jacket : A Fancier Fleece

The days may be getting warmer, but the nights are still cold. In fact, here in the Pacific Northwest it's a good idea to have a fleece with you wherever you go. Just because it's 70 degress today doesn't mean it can't be 50 degrees and rainy tomorrow. Of course, I wouldn't want just any fleece in my pack now that I know about OR's Aspect jacket.

More than a fleece and not quite a soft shell, the Aspect is an ideal all-around jacket. Made out of wind- and rain-resistant Polartec Wind Pro fabric, it's fleecy soft on the inside and surprisingly soft and weather-proof on the outside. I admit I'm always doubtful when I'm told that a fleece style jacket will block the wind; I've heard the claim many times and been disappointed by too many jackets. This time, things were different. The Aspect jacket not only lived up to OR's descriptions but surpassed my expectations.

I've been wearing the jacket (over only a t-shirt) for several weeks on long walks and short hikes around my home in cold, drizzly, breezy weather. I'm always surprised that I never need to bring a shell on windy days; the Aspect has done an excellent job of breaking the wind.

I like the double zipper, which helps me regulate my temperature during the various stages of my activities. I also appreciate the Polartec Power Stretch panels under the arms and along the sides of the jacket. These panels, along with the articulated sleeves, give me a free range of movement. The almost hidden zippered pockets are a bonus, too--nothing dangling to get caught on a tree branch.

My favorite design feature: the sleeve style. Rather than using elastic, which can cause bunching, or a velcro enclosure, which can get caught on things, OR simply tapers the sleeve. It looks good, it's comfortable, and it's simple.

Available in green with black highlights and in solid black. Similarly styled men's jacket is called the Factor jacket.

Bottom Line: Why buy a fleece when you can have an Aspect jacket? And much better weather protection.--E.D. (June '06)

Price: $169

Manufacturer's Site:

BUY ONLINE : , Moosejaw Mountaineering ,

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