Of the Earth Wunder Jacket
An organic, updated classic

I haven't worn a jean jacket since I was in college and bought an acid-washed jacket from a street vendor in Paris. It was the 80's, and I thought I looked cool. Thankfully, I came to my senses a few years later and replaced my jacket with a Guatemalan tunic. Now, with both of those unfortunate garments far behind me, I've discovered a jean jacket that truly is cool.

Of the Earth's Wunder Jacket is made out of organic denim, with orange and green contrast top-stitching, a stylish, slim cut, and a subtle embroidered design on the back of the jacket. This is no crunchy granola garment, but a fashionable jacket with special touches such as the unique snap enclosures. When unsnapped, you'll notice that the top part of the snap is actually a ring that fits around the snap on the other side of the jacket--a nice touch that separates the Wunder Jacket from other denim jackets and gives the front of the jacket a flatter profile.)

I love my Wunder Jacket because the organic denim is so soft and the jacket is cut long through the torso and sleeves without being baggy. Finally, a jacket long enough to cover my belly when I wear my low-rise pants. I also like the adjustable waistband; using the same unique snaps mentioned above, you can adjust the band for a tighter or looser fit.

It's not that jean jackets every went out of style, but frankly, the offerings over the years have been sort of scary. Cropped, sequined, bleached, or other oddly modifiied jackets seem more like accessories than an actual jackets. Now, for the price of a scary jacket, you can get a beautiful, soft, stylish, pesticide-free denim jacket. I call that a great deal. (May 07)

Price: $103 on sale at Backcountry: Backcountry ski and snowboard gear, camping, Of the Earth Wunder Jacket - Women's





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