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Nuun Hydration Tablets : Drink Up

I had the pleasure of testing Nuun hydration tablets over the course of quite a few 100+ mile training rides and some long, hard road races.

I tried a four tubes, one of each flavor Nuun offers: Lemon + Lime, Tri-Berry, Citrus Fruit, and Kona Kola (which contains some caffeine). Mixed with water, the resulting concoction has a nice, slight tang to it, and a clean, subtle, agreeable flavor. I liked the Kona Kola best, but enjoyed them all.

I found the Nuun hint-of-flavor most helpful in the latter stages of really hard, prolonged efforts, when my stomach was beginning to rebel. It should be noted that the tablets are a source of electrolytes but not calories. They are made to enhance your level of hydration but for long efforts need to be used in conjunction with a calorie source such as gels and bars. I have even added them to my sports drinks on occasion.

I'm not someone who typically struggles with cramps, so I can't testify with any kind of certainty as to how the tablets may have helped my performance via enhanced electrolyte levels. Check out the Nuun web site for some pretty convincing background on the science behind their product.

The Nuun tablets come in a rigid plastic tube, and travels well in a jumbled athletic bag, chaotic trunk, Thule top, etc, without ever creating a mess. Each tube contains twelve tablets.

They're easy to use; simply throw one tablet in a water bottle, and wait a few seconds for the tablet to fully dissolve. No need to shake the bottle to keep residue off the bottom. One of my least favorite tasks is cleaning water bottles that have held your typical athletic drink mix. Nuun tablets didn't require more than a simple post-ride rinse to be clean and ready to use. I even forgot to rinse a few times and, upon remembering the bottle a day or so later, was happy to find out that nothing nasty was going on inside the bottle (which wouldn't have been the case with my other drink mixes of choice).

Bottom LIne: Nuun tablets are a smart and tasty way to take in electrolytes. I found their subtle, clean taste particularly welcome when I was really pushing my limits and my stomach was saying, "No mas." Note that Nuun tablets provide electrolytes only--for the long haul you still need a carb source to use in conjunction.--D.C. (June '07)

Price: $6.50/tube, also sold in packs

BUY ONLINE :Nuun Active Hydration Tablets

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