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Neal's Yard Remedies to Roll : Pocket Pick-Me-Ups

When I'm traveling, I like to carry a few little Pick-Me-Ups in my pocket--namely, Neal's Yard's "Remedies to Roll." These roll-on lipstick-size vials of blended aromatherapy oils are designed to promote relaxation or stimulation, depending on which formula I use. I just a little dab on my wrists and neck, and I feel a bit pampered even if sitting I'm in a crowed airplane cabin.

I normally never wear perfume because I'm allergic to chemical fragrances. Neal's Yard uses only natural ingredients; the remedies are also 95% organic. The essential oils have a pleasant, soothing fragrance that's never overpowering (unlike the stinky perfume on the lady sitting next to me - gag!). I enjoy the scent, and the aromatherapy benefits are a bonus. I like to use the "relaxation" blend before bed; it helps me relax when sleeping in a new place. I use the "energy" vial once my plane lands, and I need to negotiate my way to baggage claim.

Whether you believe in aromatherapy or not, the oils are simple to use, wonderful to smell, and easy to slip into a pocket or purse. Available in four different blends.

Bottom Line: I love my roll-on scents; I use one every day.--E. D. (Mar 06)

Price: $10/each

Manufacturer's Site: www.nealsyardremedies.com

BUY ONLINE : www.nealsyardremedies.com

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