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New Balance NBx Mid Jacket

I wish I lived in a colder climate just so I could wear this jacket more often. In sunny southern California, it's a cold day when it gets down into the 50's so I don't have many opportunities to wear true winter gear. Still, I've had some luck with colder temps and have been using this pullover jacket as a warm-up jacket and for less sweaty activities like biking.

I like that this jacket has a windproof, waterproof panel on the front so the cold air and moisture bounce right off as I run or bike into it. The center front zipper is waterproof and seam sealed so nothing gets through, but the sides and back of the top are made of a stretchy fleecy fabric that allows the jacket to vent so the warmth doesn't get all bottled up causing me to overheat.

This pullover jacket has a deep zipper that I like to zip up to my chin when I start out and once I start to warm up I unzip it to vent. The fit is nice and slim so it doesn't get in the way or billow out when I am on my bike.  Its slim fit also makes it excellent for layering on super cold days- or on my occasional visits to the snow- I can put a jacket over it, put a baselayer under it, or wear it on its own. I love versatile pieces like this!

The features that New Balance has added to this NBx line are awesome.   This particular piece has extra long sleeves with thumbloops to keep my hands warm and a zippered pocket in the front that has a separate fold-over iPod pocket inside of it.   When my iPod is tucked into the special media pocket, I can unzip the pocket as much as I want and never worry about my iPod falling out.

New Balance offers an entire line of Winter Workout Wear for both men and women.

Available in sizes XS-XL and in 4 colors.

Bottom LIne : A classic layer that can be worn a number of ways in a number of conditions. An excellent go-to fall and winter staple.

Price: $59.99-89.99 - Purchase Here

Manufacturer's Site: www.newbalance.com

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