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Nau Cleanline Jacket : Lean and Green

When I wear my Nau Cleanline jacket, it's like I'm wearing an amazing song or kick-ass poem. The movement is already built in.

I just have to put it on, and go with the flow. I don't notice the articulated sleeves or the pit vents or where one part of the jacket ends and another begins. All of the seams are smooth (and sealed), almost invisible, and the enclosures are incorporated into the overall design so well that I don't even notice them, either. It's as if the Cleanline was made specifically for me.

It's the only outdoor jacket I have that has some curve and shape to it, without being curvy or too shaped. (I should add here that the Cleanline is available in both men's and women's styles--men's Cleanline pictured top right.) I never realized how boxy most outdoor jackets are until I started wearing the Cleanline. It's semi-fitted style is a fresh change--I feel smaller and more nimble without the excess fabric. I also look better, and that counts, too. I love being able to come off the trail, stop in town for tea, and not look like I just came off the trail (but maybe just flew in from New York).

This graceful, elegant jacket provides great wind and rain protection (although it's water-resistant, I've worn it in the rain during long walks and come home completely dry), and there's room underneath for a thin mid-layer, such as a merino top or vest, on colder days.

Every time I wear my Cleanline jacket strangers stop me on the street to ask about it. They notice how goregeous the collar looks when fully zipped, they love the subtle style, and they can never believe it's an outdoor jacket. It is. But it's also fashion. And that's why I Iove it.

Oh, and it's made out of recycled plastic, so it's really it's best.

Bottom LIne: A beautiful three-season (four where I live) jacket that's idea for outdoor pursuits, travel, and every day use. Try on before you buy--this jacket runs a size big.--E.D. (Sept. 07)

Price: $220 (see ads at right for a link to Nau)

BUY ONLINE : Shop for Nau items and find list of Nau stores on their website.

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