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Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank

My favorite thing about the Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank is that it stays put when I’m upside down. Now, my inversions aren’t peep shows.

Almost as great:  the Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank is long enough to keep my torso full covered, even when I'm wearing low-rise yoga pants.

Made from Nancy Rose Performance’s signature cotton blend, the soft but substantial tank has enough Lycra to keep it hugging—but not squeezing—my body. So, it’s comfortable and allows freedom of movement. Both features count for a lot in yoga, since ill-fitting or baggy clothes can be terribly distracting from the pursuit of bliss. The top breathes and is quick to dry when things start to get sweaty, as they always do in hot yoga.

The Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank is well made: flat seams that don’t chafe my sensitive skin are a thoughtful detail.

The built-in mesh bra is, of course, a standard feature in active wear, and the Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank’s is sturdy and comfortable for a small gal like me. What I wasn’t expecting were the bra’s two optional thin foam pads. They provide welcome coverage in a what can be a sensitive zone, and they transformed me from a double A into a voluptuous A cup! (I didn’t realize they were removable until I took the top out of the washer and realized that the pads had escaped, probably during the spin cycle.)

What sets the Nancy Rose Performance Strappy Tank apart from all my other yoga tops is its style. It's the most fashionable workout item I've ever worn. With its delicate latticework of straps crisscrossing the upper back, this elegant top makes me feel quite graceful.

At first I was a little self-conscious showing up to yoga in something so chic—did’t want the clothes to rival the pose—but I have to admit that this is more than just a pretty top. It covers all the essentials: comfort, breathability, performance. And, it looks great on me.

Available in Heather Cloud, Black, 2-12. Fits true to size.

Bottom Line: I'm very happy with this top. I get comfort and coverage as well as performance and prettiness!.-A.M. (Nov 2011)


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