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Mountainsmith Cubik S Camera Case

Mountainsmith's Cubik S camera case is perfect for me because it provides durable protection and offers a variety of carrying options.

I'm more than a little uptight about my gadgets, so I like the hard-shell Cubik S, which keeps my camera safe from bumps when it's in my pack or purse. I also like the minimalist design--the case looks stylish and there's no excess material or toggles to get in my way.

Mountainsmith's Cubik S has a zippered, clam-shell opening that seals tight when closed. The zipper wraps around the hard shell, so the protection is uniform all over the case. I love that. My Canon SD1400 fits well in the case, and it's easy to locate thanks to the soft, contrast yellow lining. There's also an elasticized flat pocked on in the inside of the case for a memory card or extra battery.

The Cubik S (the "S" stands for "small") comes with a long, removable lanyard, so I can wear it around my neck or across my body like a messenger bag. There's also a thick nylon strap on the back of the case that I can thread my belt through when I want to secure the case to my body. There's also a carabiner attached to the case, which I use for hanging the case on a belt loop or the outside of my pack. All of these options help me have quick access to my camera when hiking or sightseeing.

I love that the Cubik S is so sleek and thin. Because it's so streamlined it's easy to wear wherever I go, and I really appreciate being able to carry it in a hard-shell case when hiking. In the past, I'd use camera cases to transport my camera, but then I'd carry my camera in my pocket during activities. Convenient, but I always worried I'd drop it or crush it if I stumbled on the trail. Now, I have a protective pocket and quick access.

Available in black. Also available in size "M," for larger compact cameras.

Bottom Line: I love this cool case. It gives me piece of mind, it's lightweight and easy to carry, and it's attractive. (May 2011)

BUY ONLINE: $17, click to shop.

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