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Mountain Hardwear Downtown Down Coat (for men and women): Get Down With the Cold

This winter has been cold. Cold enough that I've been lusting after a long down coat. When trench-length down jackets first came on the scene a few years back, they were pretty unflattering, definitely function over fashion.   But, like I said, this winter has been particularly cold so I've been taking a second look because I need a down coat that can cover my butt in more ways than one.

Lucky for me, my editor needed someone to review Mountain Hardwear's Downtown Coat, and it turned out to be the perfect coat for me. So, let me tell you about why you might want it, too. (The Downtown Coat is also available in a men's version, pictured below, and MH makes a similarly styled down ski coat for men called the Downhill Parka.)

First, it's super soft. The Downtown coat sports a monkey fur lining, the super plush and lush fleece that feels great wrapped around me and keeps my torso toasty warm. I also like that the shell material is soft to the touch, as well as durable. It isn't noisy and crinkly like some jackets can be in the cold.

Second, after looking at a variety of long down coat offerings at local shops, I was a bit concerned about the quilting--would a long, puffy jacket make me look and feel as big as a house? The quilting, or baffling, in the Downtown Coat is wide and horizontal, but I think it's flattering and not overstuffed, and that makes me feel pretty good.  

The vertical zippered side pockets are lined with a very soft and warm material. They are placed perfectly; not too high and not too low. There is also an interior chest pocket that zips closed and is the perfect size for my wallet and iPhone.

The hood has options, which is essential in a winter coat.   It comes with a fake fur trim that is not plastic-y or icky in any way-- my husband even said it was "cute." Still, when I'm feeling not so glam, I can zip off the fur for a more sporty look. In fact, the entire hood can also be zipped off for a cleaner look in the city. It has an ingenious attachment that uses velcro for a very clean looking product when all zipped together.  

The sleeve length is just right and has barely-there-but-fully-useful just-inside-the-cuff cuffs to keep out the weather.  

Available in Black, Bran, and Winter White, sizes XS-XL. Note: I am usually a pretty cut and dry size medium; in this coat the size small fits perfectly. This jacket is selling out fast -- check out the shopping links below for shipping deals and sales.

Bottom Line: This 650-fill down coat is perfect cold days and really cold day--in the city, in the mountains, and anywhere else I roam.--S.R (Jan 10)

BUY ONLINE: $275 (men's $380), on sale for under $248 at backcountry , free shipping on this item at moosejaw , shop at amazon, click here for Men's Downhill Parka, men's coat on sale at Altrec , shop for men's coat at REI

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