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Moonstone Tech Jacket : For Sports, Hiking, and More

Just when the rest of the country was enjoying the lengthening days of spring, the fast approaching Summer solstice, and more predictable weather, the Pacific Northwest was getting ready for winter, or so it seemed. Actually, any native will tell you that summer doesn’t come to the PNW until after July 4th. Luckily, I had my Moonstone X-Tech 3 Jacket to help me weather the cold and rain.

The first test was on the football pitch with my 5 & 6 year-old "kick and chase" soccer team. It was mid-May, and I was wearing a gray sweatshirt and my Moonstone X-Tech 3 jacket when the skies opened up. The kids loved it, and surprisingly, I did, too. By the end of the game, the parents were glad to whisk their soggy, cold kids into their SUV’s and head home for some chicken noodle soup. As for me, my core was nice and warm.

When I got home and took off my X-Tech jacket I noticed that my sweatshirt collar had gotten a little wet from the rain that ran down my face and neck, but the rest of the sweatshirt was bone dry. I was surprised to find out that this jacket was water resistant (it seemed waterproof) because it didn’t allow any water to soak through during the 60 minutes I spent in the spring showers. I was also happy to benefit from the wind resistance the X-Tech provided - even when wet. Since I wear this jacket for everything, I was thankful that once I hung it up, it dried very quickly.

This lightweight, breathable jacket features Moonstone’s Mercury Light Stretch Woven fabric. I really like the 4-way stretch of this material. I have to be able to move when I'm playing sports, so I was happy to find that the X-Tech didn’t inhibit my movements while cycling, running, or playing soccer. When I moved, the jacket moved with me; no binding. The feature I liked most of all was the vented underarms. When it comes to exercise I could probably make the Olympic sweating team, but the X-Tech's tone-on-tone vents allowed my body to dissipate a lot of heat and keep me from overheating. I also like the generous hand pockets and the zippered chest pocket (perfect for my car keys and i.d.).

The X-Tech jacket is available in a variety of colors, in both men's and women's sizes. (I’m partial to the pumpkin color one, but unfortunately, it’s only available for women.)

Bottom LIne: This versatile, lightweight, wind- and rain- resistant jacket is ideal for a day hike in the Cascades, a run through the park, or any other outdoor activity. I sometimes stuff mine into the pocket on my cycling jersey so I can pull it out at a moment's notice should mother nature decide to rain on my parade, or my soccer game, or my....--M .P. (July '05)

Price: $90.00

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