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Moonstone Caldera Jacket : Warm and Fuzzy

When contemplating whether or not you need to add yet another fleece to your outerwear collection, think about the chill you get after a long day of hiking in the rain or the goose bumps you get when you take off your wetsuit after a day on the river. Do you have a soft, lightweight jacket that feels snug and warm against your skin? Do you have a layer that, when worn alone, provides just the right amount of temperature control; and when worn on a cold day, fits easily under another jacket?

If your answer to these questions is no, then you may want to check Moonstone’s latest spring/summer fleece jacket, the Caldera. Made of 100 percent polyester Micro Fleece, this jacket is extremely warm without the bulk of heavier fleece jackets. It's also better at wicking away sweat than regular fleece thanks to carefully placed Performance Knit panels located under the arms and along the sides of the torso, the areas where your body produces the most heat.

The Caldera is available in both men's and women's styles. I like the trim fit design and the large side pockets, as well as the semi-locking zippers that don’t flop around when I move. These little details make it a jacket I want to take along on various adventures – and its compact size allows me to do that with ease.

I always have a hard time peeling off this lightweight jacket at the end of the day: like my warm and fuzzy flannel PJ’s, I want to wear it to bed on cool spring evenings. The Caldera comes in eight colors (four women’s and four men’s). My favorite is Buttercup, a sunny yellow that matches the longer spring days.

Bottom LIne: The Caldera is a refreshing new take on fleece jackets; it's a slim, trim, performance layer that can be worn as a middle or top layer for running, hiking, and other active pursuits.

Price: $65.00

Manufacturer's Site: www.moonstone.com

BUY ONLINE : 88x31 REI Logo,

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