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Monster iSpeaker Portable : Share the Love

There's nothing more important to me when I travel than having my music to get me through the monotony of long plane rides. Once I arrive, though, I'd like the option of having my music fill my room, not just my ear buds.

Monster's portable iSpeaker has been a trip saver. This lightweight speaker system designed into a double CD case sets up in a second (just open the "doors," and flip the power switch to "on") and runs for eight hours on four AA alkaline batteries (which is handy for two reasons--I don't need electricity and I don't have to drain power from my iPod or computer). Most of the time the iSpeaker lives on my desk, either plugged into my iPod or my PowerBook. When I travel, it fits easily into one of the outer pockets of my computer pack.

But how is the sound, you're thinking....Well, iSpeaker can't compete with top quality stereo speakers, but it shouldn't be expected to since it's an inexpensive, portable speaker for a digital music device. Having said that, I found the sound quality to be just fine. When I use it at my desk, it sounds better at moderate to low volume, but when I'm moving around my living room, I can turn up the volume and get a clear sound. I recently used my iSpeakers to compile a soundtrack for a special event. My Nina Simone (Here Comes the Sun) came out so sweet. My Bowie (Ashes to Ashes) came out just as funky as I wanted. And the Clash (Hate & War) came out kicking. This speaker's alright.

Get started on your soundtrack now: iTunes Logo 88x31-2

Bottom Line: If you travel a lot, iSpeaker's a great option for turning your iPod into a mini-stereo without breaking the bank..--E.D. (Sept. '05)

Price: $59.95

Manufacturer's Site: www.monstercable.com

BUY ONLINE : clubmac, free shipping, Target_Logo 88x31, Logo 88x31


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