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Mizuno Breath Thermo Pant : Versatile Layering

I've been wearing my Mizuno Breath Thermo Pants nearly every day since I got them.  I'm thinking I may have to get a second pair. They fill a void in my wardrobe that I never really thought about before.

The best way I can describe the Mizuno Breath Thermo pant is to say that it's a cross between long underwear bottoms and a sweat pants--in a good way. Going in I imagined that they’d fit like tights but they’re looser than that, and that’s what makes them so brilliant and versatile.

One way I've worn them, and I'd like to think that the folks at Mizuno may have had in mind, is as a base layer under shorts-- the grunge-jogger look. The Mizuno Breath Thermo pant breathes really well, so it's great for heat-generating aerobic activity in cool weather.  I went out on a foggy morning run, and the pant stayed relatively dry, at least enough to keep me warm. For truly wet conditions, I’d wear a shell over this pant.

Another way I used My Mizuno Breath Thermo Pant is as an insulation layer between a base layer and shell pants in the snow, a sort of an improvised snow pant. After all, they are called “Thermo Pant."  The pant has done a great job of keeping me warm in freezing temps on mountain outings--so warm, in fact, that I had to shed my long underwear base layer as the day warmed up. 

I've also worn my Mizuno Breath Thermo Pant as a pajama bottom.  It's that cozy.

I'm not exactly sure how to describe the texture of the material the pant is made of, but it has a pleasant neutral feel that seems equally appropriate while jogging along the river path or  watching the rain out my window while I enjoy a cup of morning tea.

Available in black in Men’s (S-XXL) and Women’s (XS-XL) sizes.

Bottom Line: A versatile pant. I also like that the zippered pockets are appropriately small for this type of garment. Just big enough for an ID and keys.--A.S. (Feb 2011)

BUY ONLINE : $85, on sale for less at Amazon.

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