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Mountain Hardwear Dome Meritage Hat

I am always late. I also refuse to use a blow dryer. So, I'm always dashing out of the house, grabbing for gloves and a hat as I scan every surface for my car keys.

My Mountain Hardwear Dome Meritage hat been a life saver during this unusually cold, snowy winter. I love the snug fit; the hat's contoured so that my ears and the back of my head are fully covered and I can still have a forehead! I never have to think about my Dome hat -- I put it on once, and it doesn't move. That's a serious hat for serious outdoor adventures.

I also love the super soft fleecy materials MH uses on this hat. The lining is smooth and feels wonderful against my skin--and keeps my wet hair warm! The outer layer is fluffy fleece, which looks and feels fun and furry. Best of all, these materials are super high tech, designed to breathe and to block the wind.

I've been wearing my furry dome hat on windy days where the temps are close to freezing, and even with my wet hair, my head stays perfectly warm. I love this hat.

The Dome Meritage is a women's hat, although anyone can wear it. MH makes a similarly styled hat for men called the Dome Perignon.

Sizes: regular, large

Fabrics: Deflection™ Wind Fleece, WINDSTOPPER® Naughty Rabbit, Arctic™ 100, WINDSTOPPER® Liner, Technostretch®

Colors: Cinnaberry, Winter White, Black; Men's colors: Cocobolo, Curb, Black, Cigar, Blue Spruce.

Bottom LIne : Super warm, super wind protection in a fun fleecy style.--E.D. (Jan 09)

Price: $30 , on sale at , men's hat available at

Manufacturer's Site:

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