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Merrell Roam Jacket : Straddling the Jacket/Sweater Divide

There are good reasons everyone in Seattle seems to have a fleece jacket.   Those reasons aside; sometimes it's nice to not be another Seattle-ite wearing another fleece jacket.  

It's also nice to be warm and dry when I venture out. This is where my Merrell Roam jacket comes in; it has many of the hallmark qualities of a fleece jacket but it looks more like a knitted sweater with a zipper than like some sort of technical outerwear. It almost has a casual, academic vibe to it.

My Roam jacket is more street than performance, but it's not. From the moment I first saw and felt it I was excited about it's innovation, and I haven't been disappointed. When I put it on it's everything I think a Polartec Thermal Pro fleece jacket should be.

I've been wearing it as an outer layer around town and on occasional urban walks.  It breathes well, which makes it perfect for mild days or casual aerobic activity. One recent evening I wore it to go tide-pooling with some friends, and gained a new appreciation for the hand-warming pockets. The fabric they're lined with has a quality about it that effectively warms cold hands. It really helped to keep the chill out until the hot cocoa was ready.

Available in Espresso, Dark Olive and Black.  

Bottom Line: A mild weather jacket that keeps the cold at bay while looking nice enough for a casual evening on the town. --A.S. (Mar '10)

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