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Marware USB Travel Dock for iPod Shuffle : Sync Fast

For most of my U.S. trips my iPod of choice is my adorable, diminutive, silver Shuffle.

No need to pack it since it snaps to my waistband or shirt. Another bonus: the battery lasts plenty long enough, so I don't have to recharge until long after arriving at my destination.

Now, with Marware's USB Travel Dock, I can pack just a bit lighter. The dock is about the size of a jump drive, so it fits easily into my laptop accessories pouch in my pack. There are no cords to mess with since the dock charges from my laptop battery; I just plop my iPod shuffle onto the top and plug the dock into a USB port on my PowerBook and let it be. Sweet, simple syncing.

Bottom Line: An easy-to-pack, cord-free dock that can be used with a laptop or with another charger with a USB port.--E.D. (Oct 09)

BUY ONLINE: 19.95, on sale for 24% off at Amazon.

Manufacturer's Site: www.marware.com

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