OR Verglass Mitts : Mountain Tough
These mitts are made to withstand the cruelist weater. Our tester Sandy wore them when she climbed Mt. Raineer. Click for more gloves.... more...

Manzella MAX-10D Gloves : Typing on the Run

Ask any runner how they keep their hands warm in the winter, and you may be in for a long chat. With cycling gloves my hands often overheated. I thought I’d stumbled on the perfect solution with .99 cent cotton gardening gloves, but when the temperature dipped below 45F my hands froze. When it rained it was like running with wet socks draped across my digits. Then I realized that if I wanted to continue running, biking, skiing or hiking when the temperature flirts with freezing, I needed to get serious about thermal management.

A terrific (and inexpensive) solution--a pair of MAX-10D gloves by Manzella. (The women’s model is called MAXW-10D.) They’re lightweight, breathable, and snug; a perfect base layer if you’re cross country skiing or mountain biking on a really chilly day or alone if you’re revving your engine hard. Made out of polyester and lycra, these form- fitting seamless gloves have a moisture management system that wicks and prevents your hands from overheating. With their “control dot” fingers and palms – literally sticky little dots -- it’s surprisingly easy to maintain digital dexterity. I picked a dime off the sidewalk on the first try, dialed a cell phone, and though I don’t mean to brag, I’m tickling the computer keyboard with my Manzella’s right now. (It may sound like overkill but with the price of oil it pays to keep the thermostat low.)

On chilly mornings I slip on my MAX-10D’s to walk the dog. I loaned them to my nine-year-old for a frigid afternoon soccer game and she passed them on to our goalie. With the score tied at 1-1, she pulled down a rising liner like Spiderman snatching a fly. “They’re nice and sticky,” she reported.

Bottom Line: These light, comfortable grippy gloves are ideal for outdoor aerobic activities or indoors for writing your memoirs when your landlord turns off the heat.--(J.G. Dec '05)

Price: $12

Manufacturer's Site: www.manzella.com

BUY ONLINE : STP Logo 88 x 31,

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