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Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket

I travel to Europe regularly, and I've found that I'm happier when I can leave my daypack at home and just carry a purse. Thank's to Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket I can travel light and keep my essentials close.

The first thing I noticed about Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket is that for a cargo-style jacket, it's not bulky or sporty. The fabric is 100% nylon so it doesn't wrinkle and it's easy to clean. Its mesh lining give the jacket breathability and a has a drawstring waist allows me cinch up the jacket a bit to give is some shape.

Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket is also quite versatile. The sleeves zip off so I can wear the jacket in the morning when it's chilly and use it as a vest in warmer afternoon temperatures. The sleeves are thin enough that I can store them in one of the jacket's pockets on in my purse.

The best features of Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket are its various pockets and compartments. It has seven exterior pockets (five of which are zippered) and three pockets inside, two of which are zippered. The placement and zippered seal of several pockets (some are concealed very well) make them ideal for storing valuable items such as my passport and extra cash. There's even a pocket that has flat slots for my credit cards so I don't have to carry a wallet.

With all of these pockets, I have plenty of spaces to carry my lip balm, my cell pone, a pen, a street map, my sunglasses, and a packet of tissues. Because of the placment of the pockets, and because of the drape of the jacket, I can fill them and not look bulky. In fact, I don't even need a purse when I wear this jacket.

This Magellan's Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket washes and dries well and could even be washed by hand and hung up to dry, something I often do while traveling in Europe. Because its100% nylon, it won't shrink or lose its shape, either.

Available in sizes S-2X in Black, Khaki, and Sand. Also available in a men's style. (Fit tip: I have found that Magellan's sizing can be generous, so if you think you might be in between sizes, choose the smaller size.)

Bottom Line: I love the ease and freedom, as well as the security, of not having to carry much when I'm out exploring.--N.S. (March 2012)

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