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Magellan's Women's Support Trouser Socks

I recently tried Magellan's Women's Support Trouser Socks on a long flight between Seattle and Zurich, and I'm hooked. I'll never travel without them!

I never thought much about compression socks until I started going to Europe several times a year. Some of my trips involve transfers at airports and train stations. So, some journeys can last 20-26 hours. That's too long for me to be inactive.

The first time I put on the Support Trouser Socks, I was surprised that it took some effort. They're quite tight, so I had to sit down and slowly roll them up. However, once they were on and pulled up to my knee, I instantly felt the massage-like feeling my leg is supposed to feel while wearing them.

Even better, I felt that massage feeling the entire 26 hours! I didn't know what to expect from the Support Trouser Socks compression socks, but I didn't think they'd feel as good as they did for as long as they did. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Magellan's Women's Support Trouser Socks are latex free and wick away moisture. I noticed their moisture wicking feature on the second leg of my flight when I finally decided to take off my shoes, and noticed that my socks weren't wet with sweat as they usually are after that many hours of traveling and running through airports. These socks use a medically correct Class 1 graduated compression on the lower leg to help support and massage them. According to Magellan's, this feature has been proven to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

I was very happy with the Magellan's Women's Support Trouser Socks and will definitely wear them every time I fly. They're nice and thin, so they fit nicely in my dress shoes. I have also wore them with tennis shoes and they didn't feel too thin for that type of footwear. I like the light diamond pointelle pattern; they look stylish!

Magellan's Women's Support Trouser Socks are available in tan, brown, and black, sizes S-XL. Magellan's carries a variety of compression socks for women and men.

Bottom Line: I am now a believer in compression socks! --N.S. (March 2012)

BUY ONLINE: $14, (2 for $11/each), click to shop.


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