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Magellan's Mini Fan : Compact Cool

Before my trip to Costa Rica a friend emailed me some friendly advice: “You may want to consider bringing a travel fan.”

I am a major heat wimp, and I was traveling to a remote eco casa with no AC, so I heeded her warning and started looking around for a compact travel fan. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Magellan’s Mini Fan, an incredibly compact but powerful lightweight fan. It's so sleek and small--not much bigger than an eye shadow case--that I barely noticed the addition to my shoulder bag . When not in use, the blades retract out of the way, so it packs small. When it was coming down to the wire with my packing, a few shirts, shoes, and toiletries went by the wayside, but the Mini Fan made the final cut into my carry-on bag.

We arrived at the jungle on a steaming hot day, with 90 percent humidity. The ocean and cool showers kept this Montana girl happy, but I was grateful for the Mini Fan throughout the week whenever I was hanging out beyond these oases and needed some air flow to my perspiring face and neck. The little motor is surprisingly effective, and it’s easy to hold in my hand (paper fans are so last millennium). Because the Mini Fan doesn’t have a built-in stand, propping it up takes a little creativity when I want to go “hands free.”

The Magellan’s Mini Fan is available in White. It weighs less than two ounces and measures just over two inches on each side. The single AAA battery lasted over a week of intermittent use, and is still going strong.

Bottom Line: A no-brainer addition to your hot-weather travel arsenal, this little fan will cool you down when you need it and slide out of sight when you don’t.--L.B. (June ‘11)

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