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Magellan's EveryWear Women's Full Cut Brief

My new rule when traveling to Europe is to only bring three pairs of socks and three pairs of underwear. Magellan's EveryWear Women's Full Cut Brief is one of those three pairs!

Packing light is the best way to travel. All I need is a carry-on bag and my purse! Magellan's EveryWear Full Cut Brief packs small and dries fast, so I can easily was it at night, hang it on the radiator in my hotel, and wear it the next day. Much easier and cheaper than using a laundry service.

I used to pack cotton underwear for my trips, but as much as I love feel of the fabric cotton under isn't ideal for travel because when it gets damp, it stays damp. (Cotton also takes a long time to dry after washing.) The Magellan's EveryWear Underwear Full Cut Brief is made with a quick-drying, moisture-lifting, odor-resistant fabric, so it's the best choice for sports or traveling when I don't have the luxury of changing clothes often.

The special moisture-wicking fabric uses electrostatic technology to pull moisture away from my body weather the garment is actually touching my skin or not. This technicao featuers means that my underwear doens't have to be tight-fitting to provide the moisture-lifting benefits. Good!

Now I never travel without at my Magellan's EveryWear Underwear Full Cut Brief. I love the stretchy, silky soft fabric. It's lightweight, has flat seams, and dosn't leave tell-tale lines when I wear form fitting pants. When washed and dried in a machine, it maintains its shape and softness very well. (Photo at left is the "hipster" cut brief.)

I've found the Magellan's EveryWear Underwear to be so comfortable that I have decided to replace some of my regular underwear with more pairs of EveryWear Underwear. That way, no matter what I'm doing, from playing sports, exercising, or traveling, I know that my underwear is offering additional benefits that are keeping me dry and comfortable.

The Magellan's EveryWear Underwear are available in in black, tan, and white, as well as different styles for both women and men. They also come with a mesh drawstring bag to store them in while traveling.

Bottom Line: Looks good, feels good, packable, and easy to care for – everything a travel garment should be.--N.S. (May 2012)

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