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Lucy Energy Jacket : Not Just for the Gym

I used to be a hard-core athlete. Back then, we didn't have fancy workout wear; we ran and lifted weights in heavy, baggy, cotton sweats.

Now, workout wear is as much about fashion as it is about exercise. And I'm happy about that. I'm not big on dressing up because I live in exercise clothes. Comfort is key.

Now that I've discovered, the designations between my clothing have become blurred. I've worn my Lucy Energy Jacket to evening events, over a t-shirt with jeans, and to yoga retreats. What makes Lucy apparel so comfortable for exercising--stretchy fabric, trim cut, adequate length in pant legs and sleeves--also makes them ideal for casual (and sort of dressy) events, too. In fact,thanks to for not plastering their logo on their apparel, I wore my black Lucy Low-Rise Pants to my grandmother's funeral, and nobody was the wiser.

What separates my Energy jacket from other exercise jackets I own are the details. I love the wide band along the bottom of the jacket, as well as the elegant extra wide sleeve cuffs with discreet zippers on the wrist sides. These details make the jacket look more like a fashion piece than a gym jacket. I also love the discreet zippers used on the front pockets. Nothing to catch on exercise equipment, nothing baggy about the look. Just clean, simple, and stylish.

Available in black, navy, brown, red, and white. Sizes: XS-XL.

Bottom LIne: I'm a big fan of because they make great-looking gear and they offer a variety of sizing options (i.e., pants that come in different lengths). Check them out.--E. D. (Mar 06)

Price: $72

Manufacturer's Site:


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